About development language

The development language, unlike ordinary languages, has not passed many years.

Therefore, various problems are caught. And, in order to fix it, many languages have been advocated.Nevertheless, C/C++ is still in use today. Of course, I am also a favorite development language.


Security flaws and deficiencies of the language itself are particularly common in old languages.

In the past, because CPU power was poor, we could not pay attention and it was an era that humans have to deal with. Nowadays, a language that has advanced to humans has been advocated. Instead, they are heavily loaded on CPUs.

I think that opinion that we should stop typing C/C++ right now is a bit radical opinion, but there are reasons why I have to do so.In other words, it proves to be a popular language many programmers are still using.

The best way to start a day. @Compound Coffee Co.

The best way to start a day. @Compound Coffee Co.

I use a more secure language( like C#, Objective-C ) around accident processing and UI, and the part where speed is required is described in C++.

I carefully describe the C++ part. Because it crashes immediately when you make a mistake. Personally I am not interested in the development language. But now, what kind of specification is good for quantum programming suitable for quantum computers? I am interested in the theme.

The development languages on von Neuman architecture are all the same after all, I think that it would be better to quit a programmer if it seems to be a problem.

Well, since there are linguists in every country, please argue until feeling clearer. Meanwhile, I will continue to develop C++ products. :-)

Best Regards,

  Nozomu Miura


秋田県生まれ。ベルギー、東京を経て現在シンガポール在住。 様々な業務アプリケーションの開発に関わり、主に低レイヤーの開発を得意とする。 ベルギーへ渡り、照明最大手のR&Dのリードエンジニアとして、メディアサーバや照明制御の開発に6年間従事。 2006年のユーロビジョンソングコンテストやアーティストのステージを支えるエンジニアとしてベルギーを拠点に欧州で活躍。 日本ではライブストリーミングサイトdommuneや、坂本龍一の映像配信などをサポート。 その一方で、vjとしてクラブシーンとも関わり、積極的にvjソフトウェアを開発。 小さくてもニーズのあるツールを提供するのが生き甲斐。次のプロダクト作成のため、メンバーを探している半ばの人生。 エンジニアとしてのメンタルを保つために、アジア大陸最南端でギラギラ葛藤中。 動物とあんことレッドブルが好き。最近お酒に弱くなりました。